Variegated Monstera

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Variegated Monstera requires similar care to that of the solid green Monstera deliciosa. The main difference is the white portion of the variegated Monstera leaves cannot absorb light, so the plant needs to work twice as hard to photosynthesize. Therefore, low light conditions are not ideal and you should keep your variegated Monstera in bright ambient light to make it happy.

Monsteras appreciate a warm, humid environment, a good amount of water and gentle sunlight. Place your Monstera away from vents and drafts where it would be subjected to dry air and in a spot where it can receive bright indirect light.

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A) 3 feet tall w/ 8leafs, awesome areal roots $1,360

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C) 2 feet tall w/ 3 leafs, 2 new buds, awesome areal roots $595