Watermelon Peperomia: June's Plant of the Month

Watermelon Peperomia: June's Plant of the Month

Jun 20, 2022

Savannah Moss

For June's plant of the month, the decision was easy. The Watermelon Peperomia is known for it's beautiful foliage that reminds people of watermelon, hence the name. Since watermelon is such a favorite fruit in the summer, we knew this plant would be perfect for this month.

How do I care for my Watermelon Peperomia?

This plant's leaves also have a shimmery appearance, which many houseplant lovers adore as they make a beautiful addition to your houseplant collection. The plant is a native in South America, making it a tropical plant that thrives with warm temperatures and humid conditions. These plants are very easy to take care of, but make sure you water it as often as it needs but make sure it is not underwatered. This plant also needs bright to medium indirect light.

This Watermelon Peperomia is very easy to take care of.

Did you know?

This plant is not the only Peperomia in this plant family, there are 1,500 different species. This family is known as good luck and will often be given as gifts in Brazil.

Where can I get mine?

To get your own Watermelon Peperomia, you can click here.