Celebrate Your Mother With What She Really Wants: Plants

Celebrate Your Mother With What She Really Wants: Plants

Apr 22, 2022

Savannah Moss

Mother's day is just around the corner on May 8th. In order to celebrate the best person you know, here are a few plants you might consider getting your mom no matter where she is in her life. Although a bouquet of flowers might bring a few tears to her eyes, consider a plant that can grow for years to come.

The Busy Mom:

A Common Ivy is a great plant to get your mom who might live a busy life, as moms usually do. Common Ivy is perfect for beginners and easy, as long as you know how to care for it. Make sure this plant is in low to bright light with watering when needed from the bottom.

The common Ivy, a cute plant that is very easy to take care of


 The Entrepreneur:


 Does your mom own a small business? You might want to gift her the gift that keeps on giving by investing in her business. La Flora offers plant care for local business owners who want plants installed to give their business a fresh and calm appearance. You can have us tend to existing plants, or we can install plants bought from us at a discounted price and subscribe to have us tend to them.



 The Empty Nester:

If your mom has more time to herself recently, maybe she would benefit from a bigger plant to make the house seem a little more full. A Monstera Deliciousa would be perfect for this.




 The Cool Mom:

The Staghorn Fern is an unusual houseplant, so if your mom is interested in things as unique as she is, this plant is the right choice. Known for its interesting  appearance due to having two types of leaves, this one is sure to impress and super easy to take care of.

 No matter who your mom is, plants are the perfect gift to show your love and show that you care.