April's Plant of the Month: Monstera Deliciosa

April's Plant of the Month: Monstera Deliciosa

Apr 01, 2022

Savannah Moss

For April’s plant of the month, we knew that the perfect choice was the Monstera Deliciosa. If this name does not ring a bell, the “Swiss cheese plant” might jog your memory. This plant gets its nickname from the heart-shaped leaves that develop holes in the leaves from a natural process known as “fenestration” and often resembles Swiss cheese.

How do I take care of my Monstera Deliciosa?

This plant is incredibly easy to take care of and is known for having a quick-growing rate but remains a great size to be a wonderful houseplant. This plant grows the best in bright but indirect lighting, keeping the soil damp and moist but not overwatered, and making sure the plant does not become too cold. Overall, with consistent light and making sure the plant has adequate humidity, it will thrive incredibly easily.

 Monstera Deliciosa, an easy tropical plant for your collection

Quick hack

Fun fact: these quirky plants have aerial roots, meaning that they grow downward from the stem. To support these plants' roots, you can insert a moss pole in the middle of the pot. The moss holds water, copying the moist bark that these rainforest plants are used to when they grow naturally. This gives your plant a medium to support the plants and help them grow. But, if you do not have one of these, don’t stress. You can also use a cup of water at the base of the plant to put the roots in, which also promotes growth.

Where can I get mine?

To get your very own Monstera Adansonii, you can click here.