About Us

About Us

Apr 01, 2022

Savannah Moss

Hi! My name is Celeste Citelli and I am the owner and creator of La Flora Boutique. My small business began two years ago during quarantine, where I began propagating and growing plants out of the greenhouse in my backyard. From this, I raised enough money to obtain my wholesale and retail licenses.

What started as a hobby to keep me busy during lockdown soon became the woman ran business you know as La Flora Boutique. Not only do I sell plants online to be delivered to your front door, but I also do plant care for businesses. I know from personal experience that being a business owner can be stressful, so I wanted to relieve businesses by tending to their existing plants or providing new ones through a monthly membership.

A heartleaf philodendron is Celeste's favorite plant because it is so cute and easy to take care of

Personally, my favorite plant is a heartleaf philodendron.  As the name suggests, these plants have heart-shaped leaves, also known as the sweetheart plant. This plant is incredibly easy to take care of as it requires watering occasionally and loves bright but indirect light. My easiest and favorite plant hack is to remember that less is more when it comes to watering this tropical plant. As a lover of everything romantic and cute, the heartleaf philodendron is a perfect addition to a plant collection.